Biofeedback involves using electronic instrumentation to monitor specific, often unconscious physiological activities and habit patterns of the body and then "feed back" that information. Once clients are aware of what their body is doing, they can change those patterns to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Biofeedback can detect a person's internal bodily functions with greater sensitivity and precision than a person can alone. It is often aimed at changing habitual reactions to stress that can cause pain or disease. Feedback of physical responses such as skin temperature and muscle tension provide information to help clients recognize a relaxed state. It is often used to help clients identify and then modify the tension and stress in their bodies.

Biofeedback is useful in treating many disorders, including stress and anxiety (including specific anxieties such as public speaking, interviewing, test taking, etc.)

Biofeedback can also help clients with chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, ADHD and somatic complaints. It is a non invasive process that can be used to train clients to manage and change troublesome physical symptoms.

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