Written by: Diana Rodriguez, M.S., LPC

Hypnosis is just one of many ways to help change and create habits. It's a powerful tool that can help people reinforce their commitment to change. I believe that most people have all the necessary ingredients to be successful in what they set themselves out to do. Consciously they know what areas of their life need improving or changing, but a subconscious script may believe otherwise. The function of hypnosis is to align the conscious desires with the subconscious. Willpower is located in the conscious part of the mind and it's the subconscious that contains our habits and automatic behaviors. Hypnosis allows the individual to be in a relaxed and concentrated state of mind/body where suggestions can take a stronger hold. The individual in hypnosis has a heightened sense of alertness and they are aware at all times of what is going on. They can hear, speak, laugh, and remember everything that has happened in the hypnosis session.


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