Hypnosis is just one of many ways to help change and create habits. It's a powerful tool that can help people reinforce their commitment to change. I believe that most people have all the necessary ingredients to be successful in what they set themselves out to do. Consciously they know what areas of their life need improving or changing, but a subconscious script may believe otherwise. The function of hypnosis is to align the conscious desires with the subconscious. In regards to the habit/addiction of cigarette smoking, many times people think that it is a lack of willpower that causes them to continue smoking. Willpower is located in the conscious part of the mind and it's the subconscious that contains our habits and automatic behaviors. Hypnosis allows the individual to be in a relaxed and concentrated state of mind/body. The individual in hypnosis has a heightnened sense of alertness and they are aware at all times of what is going on. They can hear, speak, laugh, and remember everything that has happened in the hypnosis session.

There are many reasons that people continue to smoke despite the documented, researched, and proven dangers. Sometimes people are aware of what role cigarette smoking has in their life. It is helpful for such an individual to find some healthy alternative ways to deal with such roles. Others are not aware of the purpose cigarettes have in their life but are willing to be curious in the hopes that when discovered those purposes can be filled in other ways. Hypnotherapy at times can help identify some of those roles and reinforce new replacements.

If someone has the desire and willingness to give up the cigarette habit/addiction, hypnosis might be able to provide you with the "gentle push" you need to realize your achievable goal.

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