Licensed Professional Counselor

Adam Funderburk is a Licensed Professional Counselor (GA License # LPC008540) at The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute. He graduated from Georgia State University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a minor in Philosophy, and recently graduated from Argosy University with a Master of Arts in Community Counseling.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree, Adam spent 12 years in the various fields of construction, personal training, and finance, eventually resigning from his Operations Manager position at a financial company in order to focus on graduate school. In addition to his diverse work history, he has a life-long fascination with learning, independently studying and exploring the areas of religion, philosophy, history, neuroscience, culture, ecology, and physiology. Adam has been training and teaching in various martial arts systems for the past 24 years, which has nurtured a deep interest in Eastern philosophy. He practices Buddhism, but he has strong ties to and a sincere respect for other religious paths. Adam draws upon his rich and eclectic life experience as both an inspiration and aid in relating to clients of diverse backgrounds.

Adam’s therapeutic approach is integrative, incorporating client-centered, cognitive-behavioral, narrative, and existential methods strongly influenced by the mindfulness-based compassion of Buddhism. Due to his fitness training background, as well as his martial arts experience, Adam also incorporates principles of mind-body connection and wellness into his practice. As well, his approach is informed by his anthropological and philosophical studies, which emphasize the importance of each client’s unique culture and worldview. Overall, Adam’s approach to counseling is holistic and multi-modal, underscored by the conviction that humans are wonderfully complex beings, constantly influencing and being influenced by the world around them. He believes that effective counseling must address and honor this interdependence.

Adam is interested in working in working with individuals on issues of work-life balance, anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, wellness, relationships, communication, grief, guilt, anger, spirituality/religion, purpose, and meaning.

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