Licensed Professional Counselor, Practice Locations: Marietta, GA & Decatur, GA

Paula Sinisterra is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist at The Anxiety and Stress Management Institute.  She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Georgia State University and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from The University of Georgia.

Her post-bac experience includes 300+ hours of mindfulness meditation training,  working as a research assistant for Dr. Akihido Masuda's Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Interventions lab at Georgia State University as well as training in Neurofeedback for Brain and Body Solutions in Atlanta, GA. These experiences have given her a unique perspective that merges western psychology, eastern schools of thought, and a deep respect for the role of  the mind-body connection in mental health.

Paula specializes in treating anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, trauma, depression and relationship challenges. She works with adolescents and adults.

She utilizes an integrative, holistic approach that is informed by the Mind/Body connection, as well as Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Hypnotherapy and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).  Furthermore, Ms. Sinisterra collaborates with each individual client to create a customized treatment plan which aims to not only reduce their symptoms but also address and treat the root of their emotional suffering.

Paula works side by side with her clients to create a nurturing and empowering environment that is rooted in nonjudgement, acceptance, authenticity, understanding and trust. She also focuses on harnessing and cultivating her client's strengths and facilitating their healing of the relationship that they have with themselves.  It is her firm belief that such a basis is essential for a truly successful therapeutic experience.

She is the co-host of a weekly mental health podcast named Pretty Mental and does speaking engagements in the community to empower individuals and organizations with tools and knowledge for Anxiety and Stress Management.  Paula has spoken at organizations such as The Lovett School, GA State University, CapTech Consulting and the LOLA among many others.

She has been featured on multiple publications including The Wall Street Journal, CNN and Variety.

Paula is fluent in both English and Spanish and practices at both The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute in Marietta and Decatur Locations.

Paula Sinisterra, M.S., LPC, NCC, CCH is licensed in the State of Georgia as a Licensed Professional Counselor (License # LPC012389).


  • Marietta, GA ∼ 1640 Powers Ferry Road SE, Building 9, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30067
  • Decatur, GA  ∼ 160 Clairemont Avenue, Suite 445, Decatur, GA 30030

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